portrait of Ryan Torma

Designing Higher Education

I help higher education institutions to design and build affordable and accessible programs that help learners to be successful in their careers. I am interested in how human centered design practices can help universities to innovate to better meet the needs of learners. I am currently working on creating and supporting continuing education programs because of the exciting opportunities to create shorter, more affordable learning experiences in that space. I have taught courses in design thinking, graphic design, photography, typography, and web design. Find out more about my work on Linkedin.


I play bass and sing with Man Down. We are available to entertain guests at your eating & drinking establishment, party, or home kitchen remodel. (Yes, we have played a kitchen remodel.)

I also perform solo guitar and vocals doing a mix of originals and covers.

Solo Demo Tape

  1. The Anchor

  2. Not Alright

  3. Rain

  4. Been a Long Time

  5. What I Like