portrait of Ryan Torma

Learning, Design, Technology & Leadership

I work as Professor & Chair of Graphic Design & Visual Communication and Associate Dean of Learning Design & Technology at Trinity Lutheran College in Everett, WA. I teach courses in design thinking, graphic design, photography, typography, and web design. I also work with students, faculty, and staff to integrate learning theory, design practices, and technology tools to improve learning.

I am a Doctor of Education candidate at Bethel University where I am studying the integration of design thinking and academic program design for higher education. I hold a Master of Arts from Luther Seminary where I studied the intersections of media, meaning, education, and technology. I completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Minnesota where I studied photojournalism and visual communication.


When in Washington, I play guitar and sing at local pubs. When in Minnesota, I play bass in Man Down. We are available to entertain guests at your eating & drinking establishment, party, or home kitchen remodel. (Yes, we have played a kitchen remodel.)


Through my camera, I explore the relationships people have with one another and their surroundings.